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Senegalese Director Djibril Diop Mambety had never attempted a feature-length film before making Touki Bouki when he was only twenty-eight - a boldness reminiscent of the Nouvelle Vague upstarts from a decade earlier, whose dynamic, counter-cultural autorité on the film is evident. Juelle Daley is an avid lover of photography and regular consumer of independent and international films. She maintains a deep attachment to the art and culture of both France and China after both her undergraduate and graduate studies. She was also French-trained moderne the area of European Urban History, Planning and Architecture while residing moderne France for an extended period of time. Faces is the story of a middle-aged businessman, Richard Dickie Forst John Marley , whose marriage to Maria Lynn Carlin has gone sour — but the experience of watching Faces has virtually nothing to do with the schematic plot description above. Besides the fact that he was an American-born actor, John Cassavetes could easily have fit in with the Nouvelle Vague set of young directors.


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